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Monetizing Your Business Idea

The IP2MKT initiative seeks to tap the trillions of dollars of underutilized patented technologies developed by Federal Labs, universities, and industry to foster economic development in South Florida and beyond. Modeled after insights gained from the Military-Industrial complex during the Cold War era, Silicon Valley, and inclusive economic development strategies, the mission of FIU’s IP2MKT Initiative is to inclusively grow South Florida’s innovation economy and beyond.

Note: IP2Mkt was previously called M2M Mission to Market.

Who is IP2MKT for?

Has a defined MVP

Needs a better business model and traction

Passionate about monetizing your idea

Has an operating business

Looking for tech development and expertise

Open to learning through mentorship

“It has been an amazing experience. The IP-to-Market program took me from idea to money in 11 weeks.”

“What makes IP-to-Market unique is all the high tech entrepreneurs who are bringing their patent-driven businesses and coming to learn from the best to make a lot of money.”

Innovative Support System

Patent Monetization Plan

Source IP
1 patent portfolio complementary to venture

Tech roadmap of IP
Milestones for commercialization

Pitch Tools

Opportunity Board

Commercialization Board

Financial Model


FIU Applied Research Center

Fed Agency Identified

FIU IP2MKT partnered courses and student teams

Opportunities for Monetization

Funding opportunity identified

Customers identified

Program Overview


13-week incubator designed to enhance the intangible value of participants’ venture thesis with intellectual property while defining a clear roadmap to monetization.

  • Week 1: Lean Startup Methodology & IP Problem Analysis Chart
  • Week 2: Rapid Ideation & Solution Prototyping, MVP Mock Up
  • Week 3: Opportunity Attractiveness: Secondary Industry and Market Analysis
  • Week 4: Customer Discovery, Part 1 Customer Interviews
  • Week 5: Customer Discovery, Part 2 Customer Surveys
  • Week 6: Go-to-Market Planning, Part 1 Strategy
  • Week 7: Go-to-Market Planning, Part 2 Plan of Attack
  • Week 8: IP Strategy and Valuation & Tech Transfer Agreement Studio
  • Week 9: Financial Model and R&D/ Tech Maturation Funding
  • Week 10: Risk Analysis Studio
  • Week 11: Pitch Training Studio
  • Week 12: Pitch Training Studio
  • Week 13: Demo Day

What you get

Business Model Design


Target Market Identified



Financial Projections




Ready to apply?

All 10in5 programs share a common application. It will take 10-15 minutes. You will need to have your business plan, pitch deck, summary and/or any marketing materials ready to upload.