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Validating & Launching Your Business Idea

EDIT focuses on supporting community members in launching business endeavors with social missions. Throughout their participation, cohort participants will be matched with industry partners who will serve as mentors as well as computer science graduate students who will support the technical development of products.

Who is EDIT for?

Have a tech idea

Are an innovator

Want expertise and nurturing

Are passionate about leveraging tech to positively impact your community and world around you

Need an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Are open to receiving direction and feedback

“Attending this program equipped me with the information that I needed to start my business. After the class I had a better understanding of my business potential.”
Valarie, EDIT Alum

“This program is vital in creating and learning different ways to start a business.”
Quanisha, EDIT Alum

“EDIT has allowed me to fulfill my dream of starting a business that focuses on empowering women to be their best possible selves, living their best lives. Thank you EDIT and Dr. Eugene.”
Terri, EDIT Alumni

“EDIT, has transformed my life, enhanced my vision and has given me the tools to succeed in anything that I set out to do. I am forever grateful for the EDIT team.”
Tatiana, EDIT Alum

“The EDIT program empowered me to think like a business woman and the resources to express my ideas accordingly.”
Delinda, EDIT Alum

What’s required of you?

Your Time

Research shows a common factor of success in launching and growing your business, is time! On average successful entrepreneurs spend 10-20hrs a week on their business.

Your Passion

We will supply you with the tools, resources, and guidance but your business needs you. People invest into you before your product!

Your Commitment

What you get out of the 10in5 program is based on what you put in.

Program Overview

  • Week 1: Welcome  An introduction to the program, we will discuss the program materials, and contextualize the journey ahead.
  • Week 2: Design Thinking Methodology  Introduction to Design Thinking Methodology and learn to formulate a clear problem statement that your business will address.
  • Week 3: Empathy (Part 1)  Learn why stakeholders are important and how to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis.
  • Week 4: Empathy (Part 2)  Learn how to conduct interviews with your potential audience as well as complete a Need Analysis.
  • Week 5: Define (Part 1)  Learn how to define your idea and how to create Affinity Diagramming.
  • Week 6: User Personas  Define your ideal customer and create user personas which are fictional representations of your ideal customer that incorporates research, needs, goals, and observed behavior patterns of your target audience.
  • Week 7: Define (Part 2)  Articulate your design problem by turning your findings from the empathy stage into a meaningful, actionable problem statement that will steer you in the right direction and help to kick-start the ideation process.
  • Week 8: Scenarios  Create User Scenarios to show how users might act while using a design. Scenarios include users’ motivations, needs, actions, barriers and more, and help you ideate, iterate, and test optimal solutions.
  • Week 9: Storyboards & Pitching  Explore the two main categories of prototyping, low-fidelity prototyping and high-fidelity prototyping. Also includes a brief introduction to pitching.
  • Week 10: Business Model Canvas & Entrepreneurship 101  Learn about the Business Model Canvas and how to apply it to your business. Explore basic entrepreneurship topics.

What you get

Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is a presentation for investors that summarizes your problem, solution, team, finances, and other key business information.




An MVP is a minimum viable product or a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development.

Ready to apply?

All 10in5 programs share a common application. It will take 10-15 minutes. We understand that if you are applying for EDIT you most likely won’t have a business plan, pitch deck, summary and/or any marketing materials yet – that’s okay!  We meet you where you are. Also, if the language is unfamiliar to you don’t worry we are here to help, please reach out!