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Leading and Scaling Your Business

The CEO Training program provides six months of comprehensive coaching to develop authentic leadership and to overcome individual challenges and blind spots. The CEO Training partnering with Torch Leadership Labs in order to invest in your leadership development. Torch combines 1:1 executive coaching with a technical platform to facilitate a 360 review, personalized goals development, and ongoing coaching sessions to best help you grow. 

Who is CEO Training for?

Are an emerging entrepreneur

Has tech, business model, and expertise

Passionate about leading and growth

Wants to scale your business

Needs scaling partners and strategies

Open to coaching and addressing blind spots

What you get

Authentic Leadership Development

Coaching & Mentorship

Scaling Support

Ready to apply?

All 10in5 programs share a common application. It will take 10-15 minutes. You will need to have your business plan, pitch deck, summary and/or any marketing materials ready to upload.